What is MediaKeys?

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Screenshot MediaKeys is a free, flexible, portable program for Windows, which runs from your system tray. MediaKeys allows you to set customizable, global keyboard shortcuts to control your media player. This works even if you haven't invested in an overpriced keyboard with built-in media keys but if you do already have one, MediaKeys offers a greater level of control and has fantastically useful extra functions. The controls available are Play/Pause, Skip to Next Track, Skip to Previous Track.

All media players should be compatible but you can 'hook' MediaKeys so that it only controls one program at a time (the media players which can be hooked are Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, foobar2000, and MediaMonkey).

There are also a number of extra built-in controls, such as those to control the volume via keyboard and mouse and pressing your 'play' key to launch your media player.

MediaKeys runs in the background from your system tray. You only need to see the settings window once to configure your controls; after this it will stay out of our way unless you invoke it with a keyboard shortcut, if you decide to change your setup.

Where can I get MediaKeys?

MediaKeys can be downloaded for free by clicking the link below.
(supports Windows 7, Vista, X and Windows 8 dev preview)

Click to download MediaKeys

MediaKeys, of course, contains no viruses/malware/spyware etc.

By installing, operating, copying, distributing, or otherwise using MediaKeys, you agree to the Terms and Conditions (txt).

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Feedback / Bugs

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